Occasion Cakes

Bespoke celebration cake prices start at £55, quotes are available on request.

All cakes are freshly baked to order and I use only the highest quality ingredients to make sure your cake tastes as good as it looks! Contact me for availability.

7 thoughts on “Occasion Cakes

  1. Hi, I have hAd two cakes of you before and they have been excellent, I need one done for my husbands 30th which is the 19th March. But i am just stuck on what to get him really. As he isn’t really in to like golf music so it couldn’t be anything like that. How much are your numbers? I just can’t think of anything I could get. Do you think a square one would look good with like a big present bow in the corner and then a 30 made out if icing so it’s standing with stars going around the cake or is that to girly – I’m just so stuck.


  2. Hi Natalie, this may be short notice but I am looking for you to bake a cake for a baby shower but if possible could it be gluten free and could you give me prices for a one tier cake that would preferably be a large base with some baby boy decorations on the top? Thanks, Hannah.


  3. Hello, I am looking for a birthday cake for my daughter’s 18th birthday on 7th March. She likes girly things. Anything with shopping bags or make-up on the cake. Can you give me any prices.


  4. Hiya Natalie, It’s my husband’s 40th Birthday on the 13th January. I wondered if now too short notice to quote/book a circular cake for 25-30 people? Much appreciated, Amanda


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